The School of Finance & Economic

Totally 82 faculties, part time and full time, including 24 professors and associate professors, with one of them holding PhD degree, 80% of full time teachers holding master’s degrees, 78% of full time teachers being double qualified ones, one municipal academic leader, three members of accounting association of China, the school boasts of a team that is reasonable on structure, advanced in concepts, high spirit and creative.

The school is equipped with 6 majors of finance and securities, economic information management, accounting computerization, investment and managing finance, business English, accounting and auditing, which are all brand specialties that hold 2516 students studying now at the school.

The school puts students’ employment first, seeing it as the ultimate goal of education, and makes great achievements in this regard. In recent years, 100% of graduates have been recommended to be employed, 98% of them have been accepted by employers, and 70% of them have combined their majors and jobs. Their high skills and quality has been widely recognized by society and the employers.

Inside or outside the college, the school has 42 practical training bases, among them, practical training workshop of finance and securities, practical training workshop of simulated bank, practical training workshop of financial comprehensive skills, and practical training workshop of accounting computerization are modernly equipped. Outside the college, practical training workshops of the school covers banks, insurance companies, Securities Companies, trust and investment companies, industrial and business enterprises, etc. All year round, there are more than 100 students practicing internship in those enterprises. The school and those enterprises establish close and deep relationship, making the practical training workshops large extent and conglomerating. These enterprises annually draw in lots of graduates from the school, and support and help the college from different aspects. According to the requirements of “three dimensional teaching mode”, drawing lessons and experience from those years have past, the college constructs professional quality cultivating system and skill assessing system in different majors, thus, graduates’ comprehensive professional skills have been highly appraised.

The school has made great achievements in teaching and research. Adhering to the guidance of connotative development, focusing on constructing unique characteristics of teaching mode, taking “teaching mode of alternative work-study rolling” as breakthrough point, the college plans and conducts research activity step by step, accomplishing 5 research subjects which are provincial level and above, publishing 21 course books and more than 100 academic research papers with 40 in 2008, of which 20 papers were published in cssci, such as Finance and Accounting, Finance and Account Communication, Finance and Account Monthly, Chinese Vocational and Technological Education. These research works has promoted teaching to develop healthily, and improved teaching quality.

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